Opened in May 2011, the gallery promotes and sells Romanian contemporary art of established value - confirmed in the contexts of today's critical discourse, museum and private collections as well as in art auction results. We have a permanent exhibition programme, from a portfolio of works by iconic artists in Romanian culture, such as Sorin Ilfoveanu, Stefan Caltia, Vladimir Setran or Paul Neagu,

alongside essential names from the creative generations of the '80s to today: Francisc Chiuariu, Florica Prevenda, Dorin Cretu or Virgil Scripcariu or the very young Constantin Rusu, Andreea Albani or Matei Avramescu. Our visitors are regular contemporary art lovers, seasoned collectors and or indeed people simply curious to discover this universe.

monday-saturday 11am - 7pm,

Paris 39, Bucharest, Romania
+40 77 333 83 94 | +40 31 437 95 32