Sorin Ilfoveanu

(b. 1946, Câmpulung-Muscel)


Sorin Ilfoveanuis one of the most important contemporary Romanian painters, with an acknowledged career as Professor and Head of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Former student of Corneliu Baba, Ilfoveanu works distinctive paintings and drawings, rendered in a personal manner that explores existential themes, encrypted on the symbolical level of his already iconic characters, with byzantine visual sources and a subtle primitive stylistic horizon. With works in major exhibitions, collections and museums around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, from Bucharest to Oslo and Perugia, Ilfoveanu took part in the Venice Biennale in 1987.  He was made Grand Officer of the National Order Faithful Service and received the Prometheus Grand Prize for Opera Omnia in 2011. He is the first artist to enter AnnArt Gallery’s portfolio, representing him since 2011, with four solo shows (Drawings 2008 – 2011 in 2011, White in 2013, Levant after Levant in 2015 and ANIMA in 2019) and five group exhibitions. He lives and works in Bucharest and Rădeşti.



They (the landscapes) are “ideal windows” through which the artist’s imagined characters, or maybe just their ghosts -  for the landscapes are unpopulated -  come in and out whenever they desire, this freedom of halting and departing becoming, once more, a proof of Imaginarium’s limitlessness, over which master Ilfoveanu reigns just like a sovereign.

(Cristian-Robert Velescu)


And then, the drawing on leavened and manually pressed paper emancipates its self, from the square of the desk, as big as a breviary’s opening, towards the dimensions of a medium chassis. It is that state of drawing that can rest and feast a senior painter so-much-so that the drawing – of an intimate and dreamy economy – is often transferred, by softness of the brush, on big canvases, followed by painting.

(Aurelia Mocanu)


To write now, in 2013, about Sorin Ilfoveanu, is to delicately lay a new brick in the consolidated wall that is the exegesis of his established oeuvre. Great names of art critics and theoreticians – Andrei Plesu, Cristian-Robert Velescu, Aurelia Mocanu, Victor Neumann or of literature - Stefan Agopian – have searched and written monographic essays, or reflections on his exhibitions and artistic series in the last 30 years. 

(Simona Vilau)



„Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute (now The National University of Arts in Bucharest) Faculty of Plastic Arts, Painting and Graphic sections, class of Professor Corneliu Baba


Chief ofPainting Department at the Faculty of Plastic Arts, part of The National University of Arts in Bucharest.


Dean of The Faculty of Plastic Arts, part of National University of Arts in Bucharest

Rector of National University of Arts in Bucharest

Member of The Plastic Artists’ Union in Romania (UAP)


Solo Shows


„Levant after Levant”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Alb”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Desene 2008 – 2011”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Ilfoveanu 2011”, exhibition organized by EA Gallery at Sala Dalles, Bucharest


Bruckenthal Museum, Sibiu

Banfy Palace, Cluj


MMG Gallery, Tokyo


The National Museum of Art, Bucharest


Marais Gallery, Paris


The National Museum of Art, Bucharest


Simeza Gallery, Bucharest


The Gallery of Bucharest Municipality


Galateea Gallery, Bucharest


Group Exhibitions


„Mica Artă Mare”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Artistic Education in Bucharest and Romanian art after 1950”, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest


„creion |cerneală | tuș”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„artZoom de vară_02”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Mica Artă Mare”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„artZoom de vară_01”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Caiet de planuri”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„ZOOMANIA.RO”, National Museum OF Contemporary Art, Bucharest

Perugia, Italy


„Saga Ilfoveanu”, Artmark Galleries, Bucharest


„Colophon”, The Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, Italy


Exhibits alongside Ştefan Câlţia, Adrian Ilfoveanu and Nicu Ilfoveanu at Littman & White Galleries, Portland

„Codex Ilfoveanu”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest


Jungersted & Brostrom Gallery, Copenhagen


Tegnerforbundet Hall, Oslo

Art Museum in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates


Cobra Gallery, together with Ştefan Câlţia and Vladimir Zamfirescu, exhibition organized by Elena Ganga andBob Woudenberg


„Art Olympics”, Seoul, South Coreea


Study travel to America, together with Florin Ciubotaru (USIA Scholarship)

Orizont Gallery, Bucharest, withVladimir Zamfirescu, Ştefan Câlţia andMarian Zidaru


„International Painting Festival”, Cagnes-sur-Mer, France


Exhibits alongside Ştefan Câlţia in Norway, in a series of exhibitions organized by Alexandru Botez and Iardar Seim: IMS Gallery, Oslo (1984), Volda Gallery (1988), Volda Gallery (1991)


Valparaiso Biennale, Chile


Sofia Triennale, Bulgaria


Venice Biennale (curator Ion Frunzetti), Italy


Symposium in Voos şi Bergen, Norway


Study travel alongside Ştefan Câlţia to Moscow, Petersburg, Kiev and Riga


Scholarships, awards and distinctions


Prometheus Award for Opera Omnia


Great Prize of UAP for the exhibition at The National Museum of Art, Bucharest


Faithful Service National Order, Great Officer rank


The Award for Plastic Art of Cuvântul Magazine

ARCUB Award of the Bucharest’s Municipality City-hall


The Romanian Academy Award for Painting

The UAP Romania Award for Painting


The UAP Romania Scholarship

The UAP Award for Youth


Bibliography (selection)

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Artworks in public and private collections