Vladimir Setran

b. 1935, Dăncăuţi


Vladimir  Şetran is one of the first and most influential professors of Romanian design and a senior-generation painter of outstanding merit. He studied in Cluj and Bucharest and has been hyperactive in various visual experiments, working with unique tools which he invented himself.  His impressive œuvre spans over half a century: powerful figurative and abstract painting, graphics and drawing, in hedonistic and also austere and thoughtful representations of the world.  His endless series of Nudes – shown hanging in the trees-in-blossom of his country-side garden - and  the erotic painting folders are as famous as his abstract Untitled series, where heavy layers of paint slide across the canvas like primeval lava, and likewise the minutely drawn, ludic Fruit and Vegetables, turned into proper characters in an aesthetic anthology. He took part in numerous exhibitions in Romania and overseas - from Paris to Prague, from Moscow to Vienna and Ulan Bator, with a resounding participation in 1971 in the Edinburgh International Festival with Demarco Gallery. His works can be found in private collections in Romania, France, Austria, Germany, USA, Turkey, Lebanon, and Great Britain. Awarded the Cultural Merit Order and the National Order of Faithful Service, Şetran also received the Fine Artists' Union Grand Prize for Painting in 1964. the Union's Grand Prize for Mural Art in 1984 and the Artist's Union Award in 2017. From 2011 he is represented by AnnArt Gallery, where he had five major solo shows (Sânziene. 2012), then the Şetran Season: Open Diary, 2013, Untitled and Etcetera, 2014, followed by Cahiers du Cinema, 2016). He lives and works in Bucharest.


Vladimir Şetran is an euphoric of the sensation, indulging in the rapacity of seeing and that of offering to sight. Energetic, always surprising, well established, though, in craft and reflection, he manages to be offensive without abusing rigid certainties (“Certitude is dangerous”, he once said) and to parade, every time he comes out on stage, a virtuosity that has nothing to do with hollow ingenuousness, or arrogant gesticulation. A classic without a dogma one could say. And without obsessions about studio rules.

(Andrei Pleşu)



Senior of all plastic dexterity, beloved professor of the Design section at it’s beginnings, Şetran is unable to feel a drop of fear in front of the blank paper. On the contrary, he has a rablesianic craving to give it life and spirit. His silhouettes are, in fact, minimal anatomic details and, sometimes, tonic apparitions of colour intrusions. It is fulfilling the voluptuousness of his contour lines, that trace the memories of anatomic curves, and the dynamic of nonchalante postures.

 (Aurelia Mocanu)   


Şetran is a master in building multiple layers of separation and envelopment of reality: the chromatic is dreamlike, the naturalism of shape - complete, and the abstract and sudden imprint of color lures us like Lady Morgana. Vitality is triumphant. The withered and the lifeless are nowhere  in sight. Nor  so our profound existential loneliness. But they exist, deep in the core, in the restlessness of the cut, in the white wound of an ordinary radish. Looking at the  fruit and vegetablesseries of painting, Etcetera,

I understand that the parsnip’s breaking away from the embrace is only possible by dismemberment. Because in fact our journey in the world is neither serene nor safe from pitfalls. But given that it is real and can apparently be re-loaded in the human-vegetable hybrid, the game is fabulous and fully worth it.

     (Gabriela Massaci)




Studies painting at The Institute of Plastic Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” in Bucharest (now The National University of Arts in Bucharest), under the guidance of Prof. Alexandru Ciucurencu and of Prof. Ion Marşic


Studies at High School for Plastic Arts from Cluj, Prof. Gheorghe Ilea class

Expoziții personale


„Cahiers du Cinema", AnnArt Gallery, Bucuresti


„Etcetera”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Fără Titlu”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Jurnal deschis”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

Teatrul Naţional Bucharest


„Cod de bare”, Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest

„Sânziene", AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


The Gallery at Moldova Mall, Iaşi, Romania


„Doina mamă fiică Ana”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest


Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest


Exhibition and outdoor instalation in Scorţeni village, Romania
Personal exhibition in Bistrita and Dej, Romania

Cultural Center Palatele Brâncovenești, Mogoşoaia, Romania


Sala Dalles, Bucharest


Galeria artei, Bucharest


Galeria D.K.S., Los Angeles, SUA


Despyès, Paris, Franţa


Du Passeur, Paris, Franţa

Expoziții de grup


National Theatre Bucharest

„Mica Artă Mare”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Artistic Education in Bucharest and Romanian art after 1950”, Național Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest

„artZoom de primăvară”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„[en]counterpoint”, Pop-up Gallery The Art of Living, through AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„artZoom de vară_02”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„Mica Artă Mare", AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest

„artZoom de vară_01”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


„Şetran / Leonte”, Moir Concept Store, Bucharest

„Planning Notebook”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest


8 Art Group+, Museum of Visual Arts Galaţi, Romania


Beijing, China

Grupul 8 Art+, Sala Dalles, Bucharest

Galeria Simeza, Bucharest,„‘60 – ’70”,  Galeria Veroniki Art, Bucharest


Centrul Cultural from Bruxelles, Belgia
Exhibits along with 8 Art+ Group in Paris, Lisabona, Madrid, Patros, Grecia, Alba Iulia, Romania


Exhibits along with 8 Art+ Group in Bistrița, Cluj, Eforie Nord, Constanța, Romania

„Portret”, Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncovenești, Mogoşoaia, Romania

Expoziție de grup in  Coreea

8 Art+ Group, The Museum of Literature, Bucharest


„Fitting out of Bucharest International Tourism Fair for spring/summer, and winter”, Prestige Company

Takes part at ArTuborg, sculpture park, Constanţa, Romania and exhibits in Viena, Austria

2001Takes part at the first ArTuborg edition, sculpture park, Bucureşti
1993 Argentan, Franța

1992 Eisenstadt, Austria and Frankfurt am Main, Germania

1988 International Biennale of Art Asia-Europa, Ankara, Turcia
1984 „Pontica”, Constanţa, Romania

1982 Mural painting for Military Museum Constanţa, Romania
1981 Mural painting for Military Museum Bucharest
1979 „The  annual art exhibition ”, Bucharest, „Pontica” Constanţa and „Cântarea României”, Bucharest, Romania
1978 „The republican exhibition of teachers”, „The annual painting and sculpture republican exhibition”, „Salonul oraşenesc de pictură and sculptură”, Bucharest and group exhibition in Greece

„Expoziţie 1907”, „Republican Plastic Arts Exhibition”, „The  Romanian Independence Centenary 1877-1977”, „Salonul orăşenesc de artă muzeală”,Bucharest
Artworks for youth resorts in Costineşti and Gura Văii, together with Ion Bitzan

„The socialist states exhibition”, Prague, Chech Republic
„Expoziţia anuală de pictură şi sculptură”, Sala Dalles, „Omagiu adus statului socialist”, Bucharest

„30 ani victorioşi”, Moscow and Berlin
„A XX-a aniversare de la eliberarea de sub dominație fascistă a României”, „Expoziţia anuală de pictură and sculptură”, Bucharest, „Salonul de pictură and sculptură”,  Sala Dalles, Bucharest
4th edition of The International Etching and Miniature Exhibition, USA

International Exhibitions of Romanian art in R.F.G., Berlin–East, Grosgon,Warsaw, Poland
Sculpture and Tapestry, Moscow and Vilnius, USSR
Exhibition on the occasion of the 11th congress of PCR, The Painting and Sculpture Salon, at Sala Dalles, Bucharest; „30 years from liberation”, Bucharest

International exhibitions of Romanian art, in Moscow, Belgrade, Prague and Brno, Chech Republic, Ulan Bator, Beijing, Phenian, South America
National exhibits: „Artistul contemporan and universal“, Galati Museum, „40 de ani de la luptele muncitorilor ceferişti si petrolişti 15-16 Febr. 1933”, „Salonul republican de desen and gravură”, „125 de ani de la Revoluţia de la 1848”, Bucharest, „Ipostaze”, Nouă Gallery, Bucharest

„The Romania Decorative Art Exhibition “, Budapest, Hungary, „a XXV-a aniversare a Republicii Socialiste Romania”, Bucharest


National exhibitions: PCR, „Salonul de pictură and sculptură”, Sala Dalles, Youth Club „Ecran Club”, Bucharest, The Politico-Administrative Palace, Vaslui, Romania

Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas; „Contemporary Miniature Exhibition”, Tronp Gallery, Dallas, Texas
„ International Festival Edinburgh”, Richard Demarco Gallery, UK


International exhibitions: Linköping - Sweden, Torino - Italy, „Victory Against Fascism” in Warsaw - Poland, „Europolis” the 8th internaţională graphics exhibition in Wienna - Austria


International exhibitions: Tel-Aviv - Israel, Torino - Italy, Haga - Holland, Titograd, -Montenegro, Moscow, Talin, Riga, Warsaw - Poland
National exhibitions:  „Bucharest Painting and Sculpture Salon”, „Bernea –Bitzan – Şetran”, Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
„The decoration of the central hall of TVR channel”, stained glass 64 sq. m, Ion Bitzan and Vladimir Şetran, Bucharest

Poster Exhibition, Sofia, Bulgaria, „Young Romanian Artists’ Exhibition ”, Frankfurt is Main, Germany, „Applied Graphics Exhibition’68”, Prague, Chech Republic, The Advertisement Graphics Exhibition, Bratislava, Slovakia, group exhibition, Orly, France

International exhibitions: Tokyo, „Youth Biennale” Bratislava, Win Oates Gallery, Memphis, SUA
National exhibitions:  „Anuala de grafică” and „Salonul de primăvară”, Bucharest, „Colocviul Brâncuşi”, Galaţi, Romania


„Plastică si Poezie”, „Bienala de Sculptură şi Pictură”, Bucharest


National exhibitions: „Expozitia oraşului Bucuresti”, Delta Dunării Museum, Tulcea, Romania

International exhibitions: „The Paris Biennale for young artists”, Paris; Exhibition in Le Havre, France

„Expozitia  XX ani de la eliberare”, „Expoziţa anuală de grafică”, Bucharest

„Expozitia anuală de grafică”, „Expozitia de artă regională”,  Sala Dalles, „Expozitia  tinerilor artişti”, „Expozitia oraşului Bucuresti”, Bucharest

„Expozitia tinerilor artişti”, Bucharest

„Expoziţa de portrete, pictură and sculptură”, Bucharest


„The exhibition de artă plastică”, Bucharest


„Expozitia naţională anuală”, Bucharest


Atelierele „Griviţa Roşie”, Bucharest

„Expozitia republicană”, Bucharest

„Expozitia naţională anuală”, Bucharest



The Award given by The Ministry of Culture for Visual Arts to the 8 Art + group

The U.A.P. Award for Excellence given to the 8 Art + group

The Radio Romania Cultural Award


The U.A.P. Award for ambient-installation

The U.A.P. Award for Design

The U.A.P. Special Award

The U.A.P. Great Prize Award for Monumental Art


The U.A.P. Great Prize Award for painting


Honorific Titles

“Cultural Merit” Order
„Faithful Service” Order, Knight rank
„Education Merit” Order, Commander rank
Doctor Honoris Causa of „George Enescu” The University of Arts in Iaşi



Victoria Anghelescu, „Jurnal deschis – grădina de suflet a lui Șetran”, in  Cotidianul, 27 Nov. 2013 

Andrei Pleșu, „Inexhaustible Șetran”, in  Dilema Veche, nr. 494, 1-7 Aug. 2013

Vladimir Șetran: Sânziene, catalogul expoziției de at Galeria AnnArt, Bucharest, 2012, accompanied by a DVD with texts signed by Gabriela Massaci and Aurelia Mocanu, and an artistic film by David Șandor,Toccata, 9 min

„Fiecare clipă este o provocare”, interview with Valdimir Șetran by Victoria Anghelescu, in  Cotidianul, 23 Dec. 2010


Artworks in private and public collections