Felix Aftene

b. 1972, Vaslui,


Living and working in Iaşi, Felix Aftene graduated as the valedictorian of the Academy of Visual Arts “George Enescu” Iaşi, Mural Painting Department, in 1996 (professor Dimitrie Gavrilean). Since 2016, he has a Ph.D. at the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design, Iaşi. He has been working as designer at the Romanian Television in Iaşi since 1998. Between 1997-1998 the artist was granted the Scholarship of the Romanian Fine Artists Union.
In 1998, he won the contest for the execution of a mural painting for the General Directorate of Public Finances in Iaşi for the artwork entitled Babylon (on a surface of 74 m2). In 2008 he returned to public attention with an authentic work of art, Time Capsule, a monument made of bronze, placed in front of Iaşi City Hall, on the anniversary of 600 years since the documentary attestation of the city.
Since 1997 he has been a member of the Romanian Fine Artists Union and, since 2007, a member of the board. In 2013 he was elected president of the Romanian Fine Artists Union, Iaşi branch.
He is also curator and coordinator of numerous artistic projects representing the visual artists from Iaşi, in the country and abroad. He was awarded twenty+five prises for his national and international artistic activity.
Felix Aftene is one of the most representative contemporary artists in Romania. His works are displayed in museums and private collections in Romania and abroad: the United States, the United Kindom, germanz, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, Isreal, the Republic of Moldova, Romania etc.

(a selection)

Solo shows

EpicDermic”, AnnArt Gallery, Bucharest, 2017

"The Memory of Space", Benjamin Fondane  Gallery, French Institute, Iasi 2017

"The Spirit of Blue",54 Art Gallery,  Mayfair, London, UK 2016

"Masques et visages", Paul Amarica Gallery, Paris, France 2016

"Arhitectures of Memory", Mistelbach Baroque Palace, Austria, 2016

"World of Blue", Galeria Tiny Griffon Gallery, Nurenberg, Germania, 2015

"Iconic Memory", Centrul Cultural Palatele Brâncoveneşti, Mogoşoaia, 2015

                          Muzeul National de Arta al Moldovei, Chisinau, 2015

"Blue world", Paul Amarica Gallery Paris, France, 2014

"Taxidermy", Iasi Art Museum, 2014

"Taxidermy", Oxholm  Gallery, Copenhaga, Denmark, 2013

"Taxidermy", Art Yourself Gallery, Bucureşti, România, 2013

"Falling in Time", Vaslui Art Museum, Romania, 2013

"Atemporal", Paul Amarica, Gallery Paris, France, 2012

"Cadere in timp", (Grup 3), Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany, 2011

"Nato Come Home", Brukenthal Art Museum, Sibiu, Romania, 2011

"Iasi city of creativity", European Parliament Art Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgia, 2011

"Etres imaginaire", Espace Culture, Universite Lille,  Villeneuve D’Ascq, Franta, 2010

"Anthropomorphisms", Galina Gallery, Timişoara, Romania, 2008

"What is Man, Lord", Dana Gallery, Iaşi, Romania, 2008

"Măşti", Paul Amarica, Gallery Paris, France, 2007

"Erotica", (Grup 3), Anixis Gallery, Baden, Switzerland, 2007

 "Atelier", Visual Art Museum, Galati, 2006

"Caractere", (Grup 3),Galeria Anixis Gallery, Baden, Switzerland, 2005

"Identităţi", (Grup 3), touring exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute,  Venice, Vienna, Budapest



1997-1998 Union of Artists in Romania Scholarship România           

2016 National Award for Painting, U.A.P. Romania  

2013 Excellence Award, Vrancea Cultural Centre

2013 Grand Award, “Moldova Saloan”, Chişinău, Republica Moldova

2013 Gold Medal, Inventica Salon, Iaşi

2011 UAPR Award, “Lascar Vorel”, Art Bienale Piatra Neamţ

2010 Painting Award, “Mihai Eminescu” Museum, Iaşi

2008 Diploma of Excellence for, UAPR Salon Iaşi

2008 Diploma of Excellence for Grup3  “Narcisism”, at the “Salonul Artis” project Iaşi 600

2008 Diploma of Excellence for the International Art Festival, Piatra-Neamţ

2007 Diploma of Excellence for the international exhibitions programme,  Grup3, Art-Is, Salon,  Iaşi

2006 “Victor Brauner” Award, Avantgarde Festival, Iaşi

2005 “Vasile Pogor” Award, Iaşi Mayor’s Office

2006  Chişinău Mayor’s Office Award, Republica of Moldova

2003  Painting  Award, Annual Salon, Iaşi

2003  Contemporary Art Salon Award, Focşani

2003  “Teiul de argint”  Medal of the “Mihai Eminescu”, European Cultural Centre, Botoşani

1999 “Sf. Luca” Foundation Award, Bârlad, Vaslui

1997 UAPR Award, Autumn Salon Iaşi