7 septembrie - 21 octombrie 2017 EpicDermic


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Aurelia Mocanu | EpicDermic*


In between the ghost of the David sculpture, a mundane scene of a poached deer and the parable about contemporary art, as a paroxistically inflated latex glove, there is Painting !


“Twenty Years After” he completed his studies, Felix Aftene, the prolific artist from Iasi, goes for the ‘remembering’ and biographism – with a gusto and in neo-baroque mode. An antiquated building holding artists’ studios is re-assessed in terms of space and (performative) body by the fantocheofthe artist, wearing the sad harlequin make-up. Photo-frames of his video-action – filmed in a decadent set and accompanied by incantation-like music – subsequently become elaborate paintings, in acrylic on canvas. These are freeze-shots, amplified by the missing narrative clue, theatrically-lit in a melancholy-existentialist rusted scuro.~


The metaphor of the carcass  devoid of life, that is impersonating the living through taxidermy, had been a previous meditation cycle for the artist. Thatis when he clashed the childhood icon (the authentic, the innocence) with the reification, the artificial museum-life. 


The painter Felix Aftene has evolved, over the last two decades, with remarkable steadiness, in various media: video, performance, sculpture, together or independently of Grupul 3. His recent painting, which he has also shown successfully in international galleries, contains decent echoes of “Star”- Ghenie, space affinities with Gheorghe Fikl or Bogdan Vlăduţă and a whiff of visual mobility from Cosmin Paulescu-Cozo. His works are staged parables of neo-figurative dramatic, in pictural fluidity: Vanitas, Trophy, Mirabilia.


Aurelia Mocanu, arti critic and historian