:Out of Memory ]

26 iunie - 16 august 2019 :Out of Memory ]

:Out of Memory ]

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PICTURE / PAINTING | Aurelia Mocanu*


„Lego-logo-largoˮcould be the euphonic password for Tudoran’s quasi-figurative universe; a hi-tech chant.

About the (recent) traumatic history and personal myths (between Lenin’s face and the Sphinx in Bucegi), about video street surveillance and urban decay; about post-communist communism, industrial and post-industrial, the image flux is compositionally fragmented and often eroding on a morphological level. After a decade of work and a vocational PhD dedicated to archives and visual data bases, the artist reaches notable coherence and stylistic productivity.~ The generator of figurative invention of Andrei Tudoran’s dense and seductive painting is the glitch of memory loss in digital imagery. It is the slicing in rectangular forms of a pixel configuration, the very digital error of the image onscreen. The visual imagery of electronic media thus proves to be a generous source of “iconography” for the Deconstruction of History. From an nostalgically ironic stance towards the museum aesthetics of painting, the artists proposes the Picture-Painting gliassando.

Varying in tones of Eastern-propaganda red, this series from the last two years still holds a “Tudoran” hallmark: the surprising gaps of the support, actual linseed genuinely showing in a rectangle, pedantically reserved for the finely worked layer of painting

Aurelia Mocanu