AnnArt is a privately-owned contemporary art gallery founded in May 2011. Its aim is to raise the profile of contemporary art in Romania and to assist the artists in gaining their due recognition on the local and international art scene.
Our portfolio brings together well-established artists such as Stefan Caltia, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Vladimir Setran, Francisc Chiuariu, Dorin Cretu, Florica Prevenda, Paul Neagu, Mircea Roman or Virgil Scripcariu, as well as promising emerging ones, such as Constantin Rusu, Andreea Albani, Ioana Pioaru or Matei Avramescu.

In partnership with the AnnArt Foundation, the gallery publishes a series of art catalogues, it gives an annual award for young artists, runs an art-education program and lobbies for art in public spaces through the Art in Green program.
Located at 39 Paris Street, the gallery is a contemporary conversion of a neo-Romanian architecture space, on he ground floor of building with a small garden from the 20 s.

open monday-saturday, 11am-19pm
for after hours meeting, we cordially invite you contact us at
+40 77 3338394.

annArt gallery, paris 39, bucharest, romania
+40 77 333 83 94 | +40 31 437 95 32