The End of History

29 March - 13 May 2017 2017 The End of History

Wednesday 29 March, 7pm, AnnArt Gallery opens Gheorghe Fikl's solo show The End of History. Following last year's fall one night show in the stirbei Palace, Timisoara born Gheorghe Fikl enters AnnArt Gallery portfolio, and grabs the attention of the Bucharest crowd, with a painting solo show that brings together works 2016 through 2017, probing the subterranean current that that composes the artist's new creative stage. Both present and absent, the defining motifs of Fikl's world – animal compositions in somptuous-baroque spaces – are sublty transforming in a reading of the world frought with angst and existential turmoil, in portratis of an imprecise and uncertain end of a world, called  new beginnings.


The End of History will be shown AnnArt throughout 29 March – 13 May 2017Public access to the show is free, Monday through Saturday, from 11am to 7pm.

The whole body of works is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. Please get in touch if you require details or advice | +4031 437 9533.

  Why do I prefer “sacra sangue” and the Buñuel-esque sheep painted succulently in the foreground to the Nazi sheathing and the greenish twilight wolves painted detachedly in the background…Fikl or Ghenie? Historia Magna in the organ of consumptive strokes: Red or Black? A Viscontian, a young pope of a cursive, unedged, figurative expressionism, Gheorghe Finkl has won me over almost two decades ago. And without the astronomical brand-marketing-quota inductions. He lives the story of painting wherever it occurs as it occurs: a royal-Chezar Banat, the Timişoara of baroque altars and, most recently, a depopulated hill town. Fikl’s Traumland has a bloody-animist, decadent, melancholy, akin to that of a lied by Greta, Trakl’s sister. more..