15 February - 21 April2018 Archeologies

Thursday, the 15th of February at 7PM, we invite you to the opening of an unprecedented exhibition: Archaeologies, a duo painting and ceramics show, presenting the very first simultaneous encounter on easels of artists Constantin Rusu and Ilie Rusu, father and son.


Although apparently unrelated in terms of style, the 40 works share the exploration of the deep layers of matter – concrete and spiritual, experimenting as they do both in the formal area and with various materials. Across classic-rectagular canvases or the undulated cropped wooden boards,  Constantin continues his previous preoccupations and explores the multiple meanings of the arrow, embodied now in the vertical thrust of the cross and in a newly-found exuberant cromatic. Be they oil on canvas or drawing with interventions in acrylic, his works evoke the spontaneity of the painter’s gesture, creating fluid, aquatic and tumultuous structures. In apparent contrast, the works of Ilie Rusu, compact and tangible in the solid materiality of the glazed ceramic and faience, bring forth a series of nests and cellular nuclei, spaces resonant of deep merging with the stormy matter and spaces of birth and beginning. Produced in different artistic stages, from 1983 / 1986 until 2017 - 2018, these works develop the defining theme of the artist’s experiments with the conglomerate of the matter, recycled/recomposed in new meanings and architectures.

(Gabriela Massaci)


The show is open between February 15 – March 31 2018.  Entry is free, open from Monday to Saturday 11AM – 7 PM

The body of works is available for purchase via AnnArt gallery. For details and counseling please contact:

LIGHT and EARTH | by Aurelia Mocanu
  Following the insurgent graffer fame, Constantin Rusu has deployed over the past five years a wide field of visual production. He is immediately noticed for the accuracy and originality of a plastic modus put into work on extremely elaborate compositional sizes and densities. He participated in numerous group shows (biennials, Bucharest or international salons). This confirms a new optic for the professional integration of a "young name” whom I’ve dubbed, three years ago, as the “Building after the Tornado”.   Constantin already has an advanced graphical solution, suited for a plastic registry of difficult density. With great sophistication, he has so far explored depth, transparency and opacity, fluidity and incisiveness, or switching from white to black. more..

(b. 1956, Feleacu, Cluj)        One of the most significant - and discreet - Romanian ceramists, taught in the independent academic environment of the ceramics school at the "Ion Andreescu" Institute Cluj - Napoca, where he graduated in 1980 and where he had Rodica Svintiu and Mircea Spataru as mentors. The artist's persona was created in the context of the 80's generation and continued during the creative apprenticeships he had in the porcelain industry at the famous Iris factory in Cluj-Napoca – where, as a designer ‘mold creator”, Ilie Rusu studied for his sui-generis master’s degree in the technology of noble ceramic materials. During this time, the artist discovered and began to work with various textures using unconventional materials he had recreated / recycled within ceramic architectures in the reflexive-experimental area related to pop art. more..