Eye of the Storm

25th April 2018 - 30th May 2018 Eye of the Storm

Wednesday, April 25th, at 6 PM AnnArt Gallery invites all art lovers to the opening of the show Eye of the Storm: the avanpremiere of a new series of paintings by Francisc Chiuariu, which he has been working on since winter 2017. This preview is the artist’s fourth solo show at AnnArt, following Shadows in 2011, Theory of the circle in 2013 and View from above, in 2016.


The show contains five remarkable works extracted from an on-going project in which Chiuariu studies the historical and metaphysical geometry of the world’s largest public squares; as urban nodes, these spaces allow the artist a deep reflection on human condition and an intensification of his means of expression as part of an approach where the abstract takes over the hyper-realist notes that have marked his previous series.


The limited selection of this preview reveales the project’s extremis – oil on cavans works on a large, 200 x 300 cm, format accompanied by smaller pieces, 70 x 50 cm for further exploring the theme, which show the evolution of the artist’s new pictorial direction.


The Eye of the Storm art show will be open at AnnArt gallery during April 25th – May 30th 2018.Entry is free, open from Monday to Saturday 11 AM – 7 PM. The body of works is available for purchase via AnnArt gallery.

Capital | Aurelia Mocanu
  ... of his visual endowment, painter Chiuariu attests to a twofold performance focusing on the series started in the summer of 2017. They are landscapes from famous cultural-political plazas: either on small formats, to further explore the chromo-perspective projection or, at long last, "palace-like" extensions, symmetrical baroque cloth within the materialism and the turbine of the chromatic gamut. ...read more..