13 September - 20 October Ceilings

Thursday, at 6 PM, the fall season kicks off at AnnArt Gallery with the openingof the solo show Gheorghe Fikl: Ceilings.

The selection brings together the only recent 7 painting works by the Timișoaraartist in 2018, a year after his remarkable international success with the exhibition that kept its doors open for 3 months at the prestigious Ajuda National Museum in Portugal – a space that has exhibited artists as big as Joan Miro or Joana Vasconncelos. In Bucharest, Gheorghe Fikl’s notoriety has grown after the one night exhibition, in September 2016 at Știrbei Palace, when a record number of over 2000 visitors have viewed his works from the series El Angel Exterminador.


The new works from the series Ceilings, presented for the first time ever at AnnArt in the presence of the artist, marks the debut of a new reflexive, explorative and pictorial series.

The solo show is open to the public for 5 weeks, during 13th of September – 20th of October 2018.

The entire body of work is available for purchase through AnnArt Gallery. The show Ceilings is part of The White Night of Galleries on the 5th of October. 


Live @AnnArt Gallery, during #NAG event, we welcome Sorin Romanescu for a double live guitar jazz set, starting at 21:00 hours, and 22:00 hours. Free entrance.

Bicorn, pulpit, ceiling | Aurelia Mocanu
  Following the quarter century mise-en-scène refined in Fikl’s neo-baroque, the proscenium became his hallmark with each totem animal anxiously and sophisticatedly implanted. Since 2017, it is time that Drama be instated on the axis of elevating cvasi-sacred places. The flashing and pathos of Fikl’s style now gains the illusion and flow of the perspectival run towards coffered ceileings, ships vaulted with snipers or towers of vertiginous and monumentally spiralled stair cases. With a confident cinematographic dynamic and under the fethoric figure of “pulpits”, meaning an elevation vector, the pictural imaging of Ceileings is painted with light and warmth. ...read more..