The Mountain

25 October - 29 November The Mountain

Thursday, October 25th at 7 PM, AnnArt gallery is opening a much anticipated art show: following a solo show in 2012, Dorin Crețu returns to greet his audience and collectors with a new series of paintings, The Mountain – a body of 20 oil on canvas works presented for the first time in Bucharest over the course of 5 weeks.


The works mark the start of a new route of reflexive and pictorial exploration for the artist, with discreet echoes of his famous fragile-abstract flowers from his last decade of work, turning his view upwards. The new motif, the mountain, facilitates work with dense matter, abrupt lines and – most promising, self-confrontation.  


The public’s entry is free of charge, from October 25th  to November 29th, Monday to Friday 11 AM – 7 PM, Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM. The body of works is available for purchase via AnnArt gallery.

The charmed Ego Mountain | Aurelia Mocanu 
  A decade ago, Parisian Dorin Creţu from the ’80s generation of the N. Grigorescu Institute in Bucharest exhibited his lyrical imagery and ascetic severity for the means of painting through the remarkable retrospective selection on the ground floor of Mogoşoaia Palace. Resisting the postmodern amalgam, Dorin undisciplined the rhetorical support of the figure. On an extremely subtle chord of monochrome pictoriality, the artist, in fact,deepens a gradual refreshing chromatic reduction with the presence of a tonal steam, put in emulsions. From the delicate and graceful universe of floral print, the artist has already begun meditation on space and atmosphere. And in his recent "tectonic" series, the symmetries and vegetal concentrates are replaced by vertical, ascensions paths. more..