:Out of Memory ]

26 June - 16 August 2019 :Out of Memory ]

On Wednesday, June 26th, 6 PM we open Andrei Tudoran’s first solo show at AnnArt gallery. :Out of Memory ] contains 21 works of painting in which the artist aims to reconcile a tributary path of a cultural/pictorial tradidion and the infuence of new technological media for producing and visualizing an image on the artist.


The show is open between June 26th – August 16th 2019.  Entry is free, open from Monday to Friday 11 AM – 7 PM and Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM. The body of works is available for purchase via AnnArt gallery. 

  PICTURE / PAINTING | Aurelia Mocanu”
  „Lego-logo-largoˮcould be the euphonic password for Tudoran’s quasi-figurative universe; a hi-tech chant. About the (recent) traumatic history and personal myths (between Lenin’s face and the Sphinx in Bucegi), about video street surveillance and urban decay; about post-communist communism, industrial and post-industrial, the image flux is compositionally fragmented and often eroding on a morphological level. After a decade of work and a vocational PhD dedicated to archives and visual data bases, the artist reaches notable coherence and stylistic productivity. ...read more..