(b. 1985, Bucharest)

After graduating the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest, majoring in art pedagogy in 2008 and getting her MFA in sculpture in 2010, the young artist took part in both group and personal national exhibitions. Alice Bîrcă works with both painting focused on urban cutouts, illustrated or reinterpreted through a personal lens, as well as experimental sculpture with a rich playful substratum. She has been collaborating with AnnArt Gallery since 2011, when she took part in the EBienale within the group exhibitions TAA_2011, GAME in 2013 and recently in TAA_2014. She lives and works in Bucharest.

The street is that common space which belongs to all, a space with which we interact daily. It is an area that is momentarily changed by our presence. With the image that I capture from my window, I present the street as a “stage” where I am both spectator and character. With the help of my photo camera, I was inspired by the street in various days in a year, searching to focus not on an image that presents a certain identity, but rather on one that is mysterious. Time freezes for a moment and the street is captured as is, and regular people become the subjects in a pictorial space.

(Alice Bîrcă)

Alice Birca