b. 1987, Bucharest

After earning her bachelor and master’s degree from the Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, majoring in Photography, Video and Computer Processed Imagery in 2010 and 2012 respectively, the young artist took place in various photography, video and mixed media group exhibitions in Romania and abroad, in cities like New York, Paris or Brussels. Ana-Maria has experimented with a large variety of mediums, from photography (analog and digital), 3D graphics and mixed medias to video and interactive audio-video installations. Many of these have been included in the project INCOTRO08 Romanian Visual Survey as well as the audio-video Romanian projects DVD AVMotional09. The artist has been collaborating with AnnArt Gallery since 2011, when she took part in the EBienale within the group exhibitions TAA_2011, GAME in 2013 and recently in TAA_2014. She lives and works in Cluj-Napoca.

Similar to digital image, the photo-sketches are given a form, they become visible only when they are transposed into reality via printing. Due to gained mobility with the aid of technology, the contemporary era rather focuses on the practice of photography than the resulted image. The series “Present (sketches)” contains digital mobile images freed from the context and the constrains of the online environment. The substances used for printing are visible, directly exposing the structure as well as the manner in which the digital images take on a material form.

(Ana-Maria Huluban)

Ana-Maria Huluban