Andrei Mateescu was born in 1988 in Bucharest (Romania), where he also ended up studying in the frame of the Dynamic Image and Photography Department of the National University of Arts, getting his BFA and subsequent MFA in 2012. He grew up in a succession of communist apartment-block estates, first training his eye and imagination through early random photo experiments with a cheap key-chain digital camera. Given the environment, it’s easy to see how studying photography led organically towards formal investigations of the syncretism and delicate relationships articulating the fabric of present-day urban landscape. These preoccupations first materialised of the RO-Archive collaborative project, contributing with a series on the tourist Romanian seaside – Olympus (2009-2011). It did not take long for an underlying preoccupation to be felt in his series towards the photographic medium’s boundaries and its ability to adequately communicate contemporary society’s issues. One notable example being tackling the complexities of an eclectic and difficult East European urban landscape in his Multilateral, HYPER and Residential photographic series. Following these, he further expanded and approached similar concepts and themes with similar post-photographic approaches, resulting in projects as gray (Gy), CC, Index, AM AM or Like Water Under the Bridge. He currently lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Andrei Mateescu