(b. 1987, Slatina, Romania)

Andrei Tudoran has graduated The National University of Art in Bucharest and has a PhD from the same institution. He studied at Poznan Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. He lives and works in Bucharest and is a lecturer for the painting department at UNARTE.

In 2016 he exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, as part of the Transformation of Image show, in 2018 his work was at Witte Gallery in Ulft, Holland as part of Three Shades of Romanian History, and in 2019 at Rivaa Gallery in New York with the group show Another East. Romanian Painting. 

His works are in private collections in Romania, The Republic of Moldova, Austria, Portugal, Italy, Germany.

"My current preoccupations aim to investigate possible resources, strategies, conceptual or formal positions that the painting as a traditional expression medium can deliver in the current context of the excess image. Over the past 10 years, my artistic practice has tried to find conciliation between a tributary route to a cultural / pictorial tradition and the influence that all new technological environments of image production and visualization have on me. The position is that of the painter in "confrontation" with digital hegemony in the image field. This context of visual as an omnipresent entity in daily life is a result of the great democratization of access to and production of images through the emergence of information technologies and the ever more easy use of digital photography tools. We can all be imaginative today. The exhibition :out of  memory] aims to present a last part of my concerns, an upgrading that keeps a steady direction of my art, that of the figure with critical references."

Andrei Tudoran