b. 1997, Suceava, Romania

Claudiu Lazăr recreates using imagination and brings into the realm of presence, of sensitive things, a surplus of inner reality. He constitutes his work in a myriad of similar figures in terms of projects, yet different via their execution, as an open series in which every element is a provisionary subassembly. As a principle of unity, the pleasure of repetition with a predetermined category of topics that cannot be understood without integrating its formative states. Whether talking about sketches or the simple position of the paint stroke, Claudiu brings his ideas to life with his technique, focusing on a primitive, sought-after and a priori imagined brush stroke. At the beginning his canvases vibrated with internal anguish; now he also x-rays the exterior, looking for elements of collective spirituality. In Romania he is represented by AnnArt gallery. He currently lives and works in Romania, after he took part in a residence in Berlin.

Every accident along the way constitutes in experiences that create a journey where each phase legitimizes the next. These preliminary totalities converge towards self-knowledge and the sovereignty of judgement in which comparisons to reality are no longer made via illusion, but via consciousness.

The completed work of art,  installed in reality, now belongs to reality alone, processed in a web where the producing element remains tirelessly active as testimony of an individual life form in which form and expression are intimately mixed.

Simona Abagiu

Claudiu Lazăr