b.1987, Bucharest

Graduate of the Painting Department of UNA Bucharest - Master degree in 2011, and Bachelor degree in 2009 – with a scholarship at Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma, Italy in 2008, the young artist, member of Plastic Artists Union (UAP) from 2012, participated in numerous creative camps and collective exhibitions at national level as well as international, in Spain and France. Constantin works in painting and etching with an original style, with an encrypted iconography / contained in graphic signs and vectorial arrows, that have as substrate profound meditations in rapport to the human life and existence. Laureate of the AnnArt Prize in 2012, the artist collaborates with AnnArt Gallery since 2011, when he took part in TAA_2011 exhibition, as part of the EBienale, then in Planning Notebook, in his personal show-case artZoom Constantin Rusu in 2012, in TAA_2014, in Arheologies, in Directions. Meaning in 2016, and most recently in Ekphrasis. La folia in 2020. Also in 2014 he receives the UAP Award, at the International Etching Biennale and the Award for Painting, given by the Painting Branch of UAP Bucharest. In 2015 he became the winner of the Constantin Brancusi Grant. In 2017 e also win the Ioan Atanasiu Delamare Award from UAP.

He lives and works in Bucharest.

Traversing solar cycles, Man has generated upon the world sunrises and sunsets, through his genius and through his madness. Even though he traversed this repetitive succession, he did not learn to eliminate the dusk of Good from the life of humanity. Despite the many sunrises that illuminated science, medicine, technology and the branches of culture, Man developed himself on a horizontal axis, diluting the high spiritual perspective into a sea of perishable experiences. Humanity, made up as a great luminous sunrise, is permanently shadowed and pulled down by the magnets of ardour and sins. The sunset-man is iron, under siege and rusted.

The sunrise-man is gold, upon which the magnets of sin have no effect. Gold next to gold reflects The Brightness that floods humanity with Light. For the iron-man to be cleared and to achieve purity, he must receive inside his soul The Gift of Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit.

Nature gently cries and it weeps inside living souls, waiting for The Sunrise.

(Constantin Rusu)

Constantin Rusu