(b. 1982, Bucharest)

The young artist, a master’s graduate at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 2011, has been actively taking part in numerous national and international exhibitions, artist residencies and creative camps in Norway, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy. She works with a high charge of symbolic content in her painting which visually transposes her interest for the human body, initiation journeys and exploring the world’s cultures and civilizations. She lives and works in Bucharest where, since 2011, she has founded and coordinated Casa Arte, a non-profit organization, a center for residencies and workshops for artistic courses.

Paint with your heart, train your process and the joys that come from working with material, try a gesture and a color! The project “Journey, Body, Places” was born from my own pleasure of traveling and from the continuous search for unknown places, in order to find myself in relation to these spaces, offering new significance to what “home” might be. What is “home”? Love, friends, a sunset, a forest, a white room, the embrace of a stranger, a cup of tea, the ocean, painting on the street at night. The magic always begins with you. Feel your own energy and acknowledge the fact that a similar energy exists on Earth, in the rocks, plants, water, wind, fire, in the colors and in animals. 

(Cori Rai)

Cori Rai (Corina Raiciu)