(b. 1968, Timişoara)

He is one of the most impressive contemporary artists due to his artist quota increase and the interest shown by collectors in post-communist Romania. He studied at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca and the newly established University of Fine Arts, part of West University in his native town of Timişoara, graduating in 1998 with a diploma project that has since been on permanent display at the Faculty. With professor Romul Nuţiu’s support, Fikl had a formal training in the area of experiments and installations, with innovative works using mixed media that are highly original in terms of ideas and execution. His prolonged training in his Dadaist-underground route of placing together randomly found objects, interventions in paintings, photography, etc gradually led him to produce striking, unexpected composition, which de-stabilizes the viewer by the powerful contrast of the associated elements – this has become an unmistakable trait of his creation, slowly evolving.

His latest series, Ceilings, gathers the only and newest seven works of painting created by the Timișoara based artist in 2018, a year which follows the remarcable international succes of the show which was held for three months at the prestigious Lisbon Ajuda National Palace Museum in Portugal - a space which hosted recognised artists as Joan Miro or Joana Vasconcelos. In Bucharest, Fikl's notoriety rose spectacularly through the one night show in September 2016 at Știrbei Palace, when a record number of nearly 2000 visitors had the chance of seeing his works from the El Angel Exterminador series.

Backed up by an exemplary pictorial artistry, Fikl composes a sumptuously-theatrical universe via a series of compositions with multiple symbolic layers in which animals of force and anguish – bulls, peacocks, dogs or sheep – are the strange inhabitants of surrealist spaces, of violent and unsettling hedonism that offer just as many contexts for for reflection about the inherent tension of our human condition, in historical and personal time. The theme is further explored in his series made in large format like El Angel Exterminador or the The End of History shown at AnnArt in 2017. With solo exhibitions of painting and photography in Timişoara (among which his most recent, at the National Museum of Art, was decisive in winning the city’s nomination for European Capital of Culture) as well as Luxemburg or New York, Fikl’s works have been successful in public auction transactions and are part of important private collections in Romania, the United States, Portugal, Great Britain, France, Andorra, Luxembourg, Germany. He lives and works in Timisoara and Socolari. Since 2016 Gheorghe Fikl is represented by Annart Gallery.

Gheorghe Fikl