b. 1990, Bucharest

Ever since she was ten, Ioana knew that she would do graphic design. And she wasn’t too far off, seeing as she studied graphic design at the Fine Arts high school Nicolae Tonitza, The University of Arts in Bucharest and Poznan Arts Academy in Poland. But in the end, she could not foresee the future so she started working as an VFX artist, an animator, art director and sometimes even a playwriter. Ioana works with both experimental engraving, in expressive works that focus on the human body and playing with various materials and textures, as well as video graphics, film and animation, in individual projects or collaborations for recent productions. She has worked on films such as The Magic Mountain (2015, d. Anca Damian), The Splendid Death Accident (2017, r. Sergiu Negulici), The best customer (2017). Along with film, her personal research and preoccupation with images continued, thereby she has been collaborating with Annart Gallery since 2011, when she took part in the EBienale within the group exhibitions TAA_2011, and recently in TAA_2014, with her first solo show in October 2017 at the same gallery. She lives and works in Bucharest, dividing her activity between an independent animation studio, Reniform Studio, and her studio where she experiments with her personal research on watercolors, strokes, inks or engraving.

Ioana Nicoara