(b. 1987, Bucharest)

A graduate of the Graphics department at the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest – her master’s in 2011 and her bachelor’s in 2009 - the young artist took part in national group exhibitions and numerous animation, graphics and illustration projects. Malvina works with painting in an intimate and personal matter, with a recognizable style of atmospheric interior settings animated by the play of light and shadows, as well as graphics and animation in individual projects or collaboration on various productions. The artist has been collaborating with Annart Gallery since 2011, when she took part in the EBienale within the group exhibitions TAA_2011 and recently in TAA_2014. She lives and works in Bucharest.

The work captures a state of repose. An expanded moment in which I attempted to illustrate breaking from reality via the theme od sleep and dreamlike atmosphere. I tried to express the immaterial with the help of some material elements that I researched (the bed, window, textiles) in order to cross the threshold between wakefulness and dreaming. The sleeping character represents a delightful indifference for the passing of time.    

(Malvina Ișfan)

Malvina Isfan