b.1986, Bucharest

Matei Avramescu graduated the Sculpture Department of the National University of Arts Bucharest, sculpture section: – Bachelor in 2011 and Master in 2013. Known for his - already a trademark - fish, Matei uses simple, low-profile materials – zinc-coated tin, iron – craftly molded into complex structures, containers of ironic messages towards the contemporary society and its civilization. The artist was present in two show-cases at AnnArt gallery: TAA_2011 and GAME, 2013, in collaboration with EBiennale and George Enescu International Festival. In 2013 the young sculptor was the winner of the annual AnnArt Prize, and had his first personal exhibition, cont[aimn]ent, at AnnArt. In the summer of 2015, Matei is selected for a work- traineeship at Lazarus’s Smithery, in Sona , a project initiated by the Sona Noastra Village Association and  sustained by the Caltia family. He lives and works in Bucharest.

In my art, I have explored an area close to Minimalism, with various influences, such as Pop-Art, alongside traditional metal molding and working methods, as well as Symbolism. In my current series I have approached the symbol of the fish, of Cristianity, also in connection to the inconscious, and the symbol of the tin. Although cold, I consider this present Minimalist stylea characteristic of simplicity. In art, simplicity can be reached through various expressive gestures and through different styles. For me, at this state, Minimalism and Symbolism are the tools I use in search of simplicity.

(Matei Avramescu)

Matei Avramescu