Has graduated the National University of Arts in Bucharest with a master’s degree in sculpture, coordinated by Prof. Vlad Aurel, 2010

The work Old Man is part of my master’s project – Of man – interactivity, kinetics.

As the title suggests, I chose to experiment with an area of sculpting – motion, kinetic sculpture. At the same time, I chose to express through these works certain characteristics of human nature, human behavior, situations.

Due to the fact that it is a Rube Goldberg kind of kinetic sculpture, motion is complicated. In order to understand where movement starts and where it ends, the work must be viewed (like an epic thread) from one end to another. It all begins with a motor fueled by a small battery that sets an entire mechanism into motion an entire mechanism. The movement eventually makes its way to a walking stick – in fact, this walking stick makes The old man walk.

The slow movements of the walking sticks, which is in fact putting the entire kinetic sculpture into motion, is somehow trying to acquire the attitude of on elderly man. The cane has a seemingly simple motion: it lifts, it pulls…, but behind this motion there is a complicated mechanism. The entire mechanism – the motor, wheels, the wire rods facilitate this motion. The work perfectly fits the Rube Goldberg concept because despite the complex mechanism, it actually performs a very simple task – moves a walking stick

The composition is entirely done with wires, with components welded with tin. Hence the sense of fragility. In fact, this was the intention, I wanted to convey fragility while having the sculpture function, move. 

The old man sculpture is slightly humoristic if we consider the slight movement of the cane, shaky and slow. If I would have make the work heavier, out of welded metal with high resistance, the fragility and the mystery behind its functionality would have disappeared. 

The technology used is minimal because it does make use of motors, remote controls or software.   

Mihai Bonciu, September 2011

Mihai Bonciu