(b. 1989, Bucharest)

The Bucharest National University of Arts master’s graduate (the program “Education through visual arts”) has participated in numerous local and national group exhibitions and workshops. Experimenting with various mediums – installation, collage, graphics, painting – Mircea Ciutu’s art has a profound semantical substratum which addresses the history of art and contemporary civilization through suggestive-expressive means. The collaboration with Annart gallery began in 2013 with his participation inthe collective art show GAME as part of EBienale, continued withMetha-lan, second edition in 2014 and in TAA_2014. He lives and works in Bucharest.

In a normal world, a regular person sees objects as they are. In the ame normal world, the artist sees objects as he desires to. This way, artistic vision can be as free, as particular and as representative as possible.

(Mircea Ciutu)

Mircea Ciutu