(b. 1989, Rădăuți, Romania)

After graduating Coventry University, majoring in visual art and illustration, the young artist benefited from a residency at The Pod, Coventry, UK in 2013-2014 and is currently studying for his master’s in painting at The Slade School of Fine Art in London. Teleagă’s painting is distinctive at a technical and expressive level, with layers of colors overlapping into images, landscapes and places situated at the limit between figurative and abstract. His works presented at the group shows in London, Coventry, Cardiff and Birmingham manifest a constant tension between the natural space and the built space, between memory and history – central themes to the artist’s theoretical research. Mircea Teleagă’s first showcase in Bucharest took place at Annart Gallery, within the group exhibition TAA_2014. He lives and works in London.

The spaces I approached are places where I spent an important part of my childhood, but at the same time they were the scenes of dramatic events in the 20th century, something that I learned during high school and I continued to ponder later on in my works.

Some canvases have a tendency towards abstraction, highlighting the absence of historically-official information, but also hinting at my personal interest for ambiguity, illusion and erosion, going beyond the figurative in both painting and life.
A place or a landscape cannot talk about what has happened there, thus the painter plays the role of an intermediary or a translator between space and viewer.

(Mircea Teleagă)

Mircea Teleaga