AnnArt presents for three days – 9, 12 and 18 April 2012 – a selection of the artist’s works from between the 70’s and 90’s - sculpture, graphics, painting, video art, collage. The exhibition is accompanied by an evening of reflection on Paul Neagu’s creation and on the meaning of his contribution to the invention of a new eastern-European esthetic language in the context of conceptual art and minimalism. In a succession of informal interventions, Gabriela Massaci, Marina Sturdza Princess, Matei Stircea-Craciun and Iolanda Costide have spoken to the public about the Romanian-british artist’s heritage, mostly unknown in Romania.

I would like to situate Paul Neagu’s creation right at the center of one of the most important modern art currents, the one that originates in the dialectic of The Mind and Material (…) We are in the Brâncuşi, Malevicvi, Gabo affiliation.

(David Brett)

Neagu’s influence was intense. It’s not a coincidence that among the British sculptors of the 80’s and the 90’s, the most prominent, were his students – Cragg, Deacon, Gormley, Houshiary, Kapoor, Langlands , Bell and Whitered.

(John McEwen)

I realized then, that Paul Neagu had no intention to produce art objects in the normal and accepted sense by those who believe in the virtues of art for the sake of art. The objects inside that room demanded to be considered as receptacles for spiritual energy. They were recipients destined to reorganize the memory of the European race.

(Richard Demarco)

Liberated from the narrow convention of graphics, The Hyphen evolves unhindered in Neagu’s imagination, it transforms into a concept of universal encapsulation, able to take responsibility for the creation of human beings, of the world.

(Matei Starcea-Craciun)

Throughout the exhibition the following performance-art films will be shown:

- Cutiile lui Neagu, Bucharest, Romania, 1968; 16mm b/w film, music Edgar Varese, 10min

- Hyphen Ramp, Serpentine Gallery, London 1976; b/w film

- Cake Man Event, Sigi Krauss Gallery, London 1971; 35mm co film;

- Blind's Bite, Paul Neagu's Studio, Highbury, London 1975; 1/2" b/w/video 

Thanks to MNAC and Paul Neagu Estate, to Mr. Mircea Roman as well as to Mr. Anton Neagu, the artist’s brother.

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