The exhibition brings together a body of 20 works of painting, sketching, sculpture, ceramics and 3D modelling by artists in AnnArt’s portfolio: Ștefan Câlția, Laura Covaci, Dorin Crețu, Daniela Făiniș and Vladimir Șetran. The show will include a viewing evening for Sorin Ilfoveanu, where we will present for the first-time new works from the series The Garden of Delights.

artZoomevents are individual or group exhibition projects that set out to showcase a segment of works by some of the most renowned visual artists in Romania.

Spring is a season of beginnings, of vegetal rebirth and mineral regeneration, not always evident or visible. Life and novelty are prepared in their own rhythms, latently germinating in the fertile depths of the earth or the human being. The beginning represents that fine line, almost indiscernible when drawn, between old and new, past and present. The works selected in this art show synergistically connect to the cyclic nature of time and its symbolic implications. 

The works displayed address various temporalities and eclectic experience. Thus, the punctilious still life with vegetable elements by Ștefan Câlția, overlapping with Dorin Crețu’s volatile Flowers – some of them dating from 2014 – are in a dialog with the Moon stories by Laura Covaci. Also adhering to the vegetable discourse are both the delicate porcelain sculptures by Daniela Făiniș as well as Vladimir Setran’s playful sketches, reunited in a visual experience dedicated to new beginnings and change.

Diana Ursan, AnnArt curator

The exhibition is open during 12th of March – 10th of April 2014. The entire body of works is available for sale via AnnArt Gallery. For more details and counselingplease contact: