artZoom events are solo or group exhibition projects, that mean to bring up a segment of oeuvre from some of the most established visual artists in Romania.

The exhibition reunites a fund of 30 artworks, consisting of painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramic and 3D modeling, under the signature of a group of artists in AnnArt’s portfolio, defining names for contemporary art in Romania: Sorin Ilfoveanu, Mircea Roman, Vladimir Şetran, Dorin Creţu, Laura Covaci, Francisc Chiuariu. The exhibition will also include 2 evenings with Stefan Caltia, when we will show 5 new works of the artist’s, together with the projection of  Minute Uitate (Forgotten Minutes) film.

As a novelty of this season, guest-artist is Daniela Fainis, with whom AnnArt Gallery will started working from 2014, and who presents in artZoom a retrospective collection of works, from the Rasaduri and Dantesca series.

I don’t believe summer is a ‘dead’ season for art – on the contrary, it is a vacation  season, and of leisure for the things we love, for which, mostly during the rest of the year, we don’t allow any time. Therefore, Summer artZoom at AnnArt is a permanently  opened invitation to those who wish to (re)discover the art of our time. Some of the artworks, those of Laura Covaci and of Francisc Chiuariu, are shown for the first time ever -  as signs of the much-awaited solo-shows that will follow, in autumn.

Gabriela Massaci, AnnArt  Director

Summer artZoom exhibition is opened between July 16th and October 3rd, accompanied Thursdays, as you well know, by the blue lemonade.

The entire fund of artworks is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. We are at your disposal for details and counselling