If it’s summer and it’s a Thursday, then it’s Blue Lemonade!

At Annart, art lovers receive the antidote for the heat-wave in a tall cool glass of lemonade.

But it’s not just any lemonade: ours is an artisanal, niche, product with an open recipe akin to that of contemporary art.

To be used at Annart Gallery, during summer, on Thursday – jour fixe.

This is how you make it:

with fresh sparkling water

with linden honey from Licurici, Teleorman

with brown sugar from Mauritius

with lemons others picked out from Cyprus

and a little bit of Curaçao Pantone 314 from Ruxandra

with some cinnamon from the top shelf from Oana

with fresh mint leaves from Casandra

with a story from Gabriela

…and some handwork from a friend, always a different friend.
The first was Gianina Corondan. pictures here