AnnArt’s new opening of the summer takes place Thursday 6th of July, at 19:00 – showcasing Claudiu Lazăr, one of the most promising young emerging artists in the country.

The art show CORE is curated by Simona Abagiu and brings together 11 hanging works 7 portfolio works – a new series produced between January and May 2017.

Done in mixed media on canvas, oil, textured acrylic and industrial colors, with technics that surpass momentary experimentation and are more akin to an intensive studio experience, the series conjures up a selection of canvases that invite one to gaze but also touch, via the embossed materials that are intertwined into a chromatic delirium.

"The act of self-creation or the core is achieved through the deconstruction of the finite form and its reconstruction in expression. How can you peel off the layers of the self without drifting away from yourself? How far can you search without being invasive and brutal? How can you understand a society that no longer understands itself? How do you ascertain your own spirituality into the collective one?

Claudiu Lazăr recreates through imagination and brings into the realm of presence, of sensitive things, a surplus of inner reality. He composes his work in a myriad of figures, similar as project, but different as execution, as an open series, where every element of it is a temporary subassembly. As principle of unity, the pleasure of repetition with a determined category of topics cannot be understood without integrating its preparatory states. Whether talking about the sketches or the simple positioning of the line, Claudiu discharges himself through technique, adopting a primitive line, one that is a priori searched and imagined. If beforehand, his canvases were pulsating in anguish and inner turmoil, now they also scan the exterior, looking for elements of collective spirituality.

All accidents of a trip constituted in an experience create a journey where every stage equals in legitimacy the previous stage. These preliminary totalities converge towards self-knowledge and o sovereignity of judgment, where relating to the reality no longer passes through illusion, but through conscience.

The completed work, installed in reality, now belongs to this reality alone, processed in a network where the producing element remains perpatually active, as tesimony of an individual life form where form and expression intimately mingle." (Simona Abagiu)