Currently in the middle of his art residency in Berlin, young Claudiu Lazăr returns to AnnArt Gallery with Windbell. an interactive site-specific installation.

This is the first installation publicly presented by the artist, a materialization of an experimental project series in his workshop indicative of the painter’s interest in multiplying ways of conceptually investigating the surrounding world’s capacity. Radically shifting from the primitive approach he uses when painting to a simple metal volume, Lazăr puts forward a new kind of discourse, an exploration of the way in which recreated nature works together with space and sound.

The installation is composed of a double semi-circular sequence, built of metal pipes, suspended 1 m above the ground, through which the participating-visitor passes and sets into motion a flux of sounds, akin to the random gusts of wind within the natural, open space.


“The goal of life is living in agreement with Nature.”

Zeno of Elea

But what if man replaces nature?

Since the dawn of time, man has transformed nature into material and the material was transformed into object. He created a breach in what is natural and has since founded societies using artificial means, such as language. He changed a natural course into an artificial dome, all while still respecting, one way or another, the natural laws.
The interactive installation exhibited here presents the simulation of a paradox, it brings an external object, shaped and synthetized indoors, where human action replaces natural action.

Claudiu Lazăr