Directions. Meaningis the second solo show of Constantin Rusu at AnnArt – which is quite a performance for a young artist. The serie’s works are created on dense cotton paper, with overlays of delicate Washi paper on canvas. The works tackle a deep existential meaning, searched for in the intensity of black and the sugestive purity of white, with the occasional and pertinent colour accent. The meaning of this artistic exploration is driven by Rusu both in the restraint space of canvases of 30x40 cm as is in the opening of “windows” of over a meter and a half, with suggestive boundary breakings through the outing of paper from the traditional work perimetre. The artist attributes new value to the arrow, the graphic element that has defined his first series exhibited at AnnArt, after his MFA graduation at the Bucharest National University of Arts in the year 2011.

The series follows a creation and documentation season at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, where Rusu has received a Constantin Brâncuşi Scholarship from the Romanian Cultural Institute, thus opening for him new inter-disciplinary art horizons, from November 2015 through March 2016.