Thursday 7 September at 7pm, we open EpicDermic, Felix Aftene’s first  solo-show la AnnArt. The exhibition brings together 18 paintings, acrylic on canvas, and one video, selected from the most recent works in the Memory of Space series (2016/17) as well as the Taxidermia series (2014/15), which won the UAP National Award in 2016.

In their explorations of present day human condition, in metaphysical and post-industrial urban territories, the works come across as cinematic frames from diverse and eerie narrative pieces, which are unified by the subtly-systematic presence of the self-portrait.

Aftene is one of the representative artists of his generation, with an extended practice in painting, mural painting, sculpture and new-media, being at the same time a curator of various visual arts projects of Iasi artists – both in Romania and overseas.  

 EpicDermic is curated by the critic and art historian Aurelia Mocanu.

The exhibition is open 7 September to 21 October. Access is free, Monday to Saturday between 11am – 7pm.

The works are available for sale through AnnArt. Please get in touch for details or advice -