A one-night long exhibition – the preview of a new project in which Gheorghe Fikl opens a dialogue with the cinematographic oeuvre of Luis Bunuel. The series of works, begun in 2016, brings together large-scale paintings (including a monumental 400 x 380) which strike us visually from the very first viewing but which only yield their encrypted meaning through re-visitation. By a singular reference to Bunuels’s work, Fikl cuts out an episode which is now famous as the perfect example of the surreal derapage, which the painter explores and re-invents in different contexts.

The apparition of animals in Bunuel’s film is referenced here in a manner which makes the series distinctly reminiscent of Fikl while becoming newly-charged with the entire critique which Bunuel develops  in  terms of the stereotypes and the formalism of a society which is unable to overcome its own bias.

(Dan Lazea)

The show is curated by Gabriela Massaci and Dan Lazea.