The Little Big Art project reunites over 50 artworks from the ‘lab-stage’, sketches or smaller works – painting, drawing, etching, photography and sculpture – exhibited on the wall, or by their side, inside the author’s portfolio folder, signed by Adrian Ilfoveanu, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Mircea Roman, Paul Neagu, Ștefan Câlția, Laura Covaci, Dorin Crețu, Vladimir Șetran and Francisc Chiuariu.

The exhibition is curated by Simona Vilau.

The opening event will take place Thursday, 13 December 2012, and the exhibition can be visited until 15 January 2013

The entire fund of artworks is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. We are at your disposal for details and counselling:

Apart from this selection’s special tone of beautiful, The Little Big Artproject has a practical-educational intention as well: to familiarize the public with the idea of contemporary art accessibility. It is probably much less intimidating to come to know Mircea Roman’s tall sculptures, nailed in red wood, for example, if you get to see firstly his exercising drawings, which led him to the final work: the drawings encapsulate, completely, the value in the artistic language of their author. In tandem, webelieve that for many art-lovers, is much more handy (and possibly intensely memorable) to acquire an original art piece of a small dimension, but signed by a great name – in preparation for the moment when, maybe, they will be prepared to invest in one of the more sizeable artworks.

Gabriela Massaci, Director of AnnArt