Little Big Art is a permanent programme of AnnArt Gallery which aims to showcase to the audience small scale works – be they on walls or in sketchbooks - painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture or mixed media. The works are signed by renowned artists from the gallery's portfolio: Ștefan Câlția, Francisc Chiuariu, Daniela Făiniş, Gheorghe Fikl, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Ioana Pioaru, Florica Prevenda, Virgil Scripcariu or Vladimir Şetran.

The project began in December 2012, when the AnnArt catalogue and mission were launched (Art of Your Time), and it has built a "reputation" of determining quite a good amount of art lovers to become collectors in right by offering them the possibility to acquire, for a start, “little big work” precious through the signature they cary.

Beyond the characteristic off-beat beauty of the small pieces of work, which bestows on us the privilege of gaining insight into an artist’s studio, by discovering in a drawing or a sculpting sketch the core of large work, the Little Big Art project also has an educative goal: to familiarise the audience with the notion of contemporary art as being accessible and in no way daunting, reserved only to those with large amounts of funds. We understand that for many art lovers, it is much easier (probably even more memorable) for them to acquire an original small artwork piece, signed by a "big" name - forthcoming the major moment when, perhaps, they will be ready to invest in one of the large scale artworks.

Gabriela Massaci, Director AnnArt