Maia Ştefana Oprea’s personal exhibition entitled “Stacking” comprises all the artistic stages and concepts defined by Maia throughout time. Ordinary objects and day-to-day experiences have been brought into the area of conceptualization, objects, and experiences which are subjected to various actions of collecting, archiving, museification or stacking, the latter being pertinent for the artist.

The Library and Transmographies are the two important topics around which the exhibition is organized. In her self-referential works the artist explores the intimate space of the house, of the studio, of her personal universe. The installation THE Library is self-referential from the point of view of the concept, of the execution, and of the materials used. 

In-trigâ and Zăerc are concepts developed by Maia in the exhibition at AnnArt. In-trigâ defines life in one’s own creation with The Biggest Dictionary of Trigâ and the zaercs bring to the viewers’ attention gestures from the artist’s childhood.

In her works, Maia inserts texts from her daily bibliography (J. M. Coetzee, Gustav Meyrink, René Huyghe, Roland Barthes etc.), photographs, ready-mades, BioArt. As a manner of expresion, Maia stresses the graphism of the line, and here and there her drawing on slates reminds of Cy Twombly’s gestualism.

In the gallery, the elements that make up the entire installation were collected, archived, museified, and finally stacked by Maia Ştefana Oprea.

Raluca Băloiu, curator