Metha-lan together with AnnArt invites you Monday, 31 st of August , at 19.00, at the Opening Event of Metha-Lan exhibition, third edition, The Passage of Time (Irreversible).

The show consists of installations and ready-made objects realized by 11 artists, and it can be visited between 31st of august and  the 3rd of september 2015. The event will be followed by cocktails offered by Vinarte.

Metha-lan constitutes its self in an essential thematic landmark for young contemporary artists, where 'metha' means beyond, and 'lan' - network. This, in our vision, represents the actual generation that finds its self 'beyond the network' of conventional artists in Romania. Metha-lan is a conceptual art project, where the chosen way of artistic expression is the performance, the installation and the ready-made objects.

Do come by!

Artists                                                         Curators

Adelina PETCAN                                           Catinca DUMITRESCU

Albert KAAN                                                 Horațiu LIPOT

Ana ASAVEI                                                 Project coordinators

Daniel ROȘCA                                              Gloria APOSTOL 

Maia Ștefana OPREA                                     Rolland NICULUȘCĂ

Mihai TEODORESCU                                     Graphics, production

Mircea CIUTU                                               Mircea TANCĂU 

Radu NASTASIA                                           Sponsors

Răzvan RADU                                              Vinarte

Rene RAILEANU                                           AnnArt Gallery

Media partners