The display shows a collection of new works, in mild winter colours, signed by artists from AnnArt Gallery’s portfolio: Ştefan Câlţia, Francisc Chiuariu, Laura Covaci, Dorin Creţu, Daniela Făiniş, Adrian Ilfoveanu, Sorin Ilfoveanu, Paul Neagu and Mircea Roman. The common features of the works exhibited are the graphite, the ink and pen on paper, the selection showing each artist’s characteristic approach on drawing and sketches.

Ştefan Câlţia is present with delicate vegetal drawings. Francisc Chiuariu brings an electric touch to the display with his silver drawings, alongside the thorough stories about Luna, in ink on paper, by Laura Covaci. Dorin Creţu’s black and white Flowers insert a pensive pause into the exhibition’s circuit, which continues with Sorin Ilfoveanu’s visual poems on patinated paper. The fine, white sculptures, manually moulded in porcelain by Daniela Făiniş, the drawing-intervention on photography by Paul Neagu, leave the strict area of techniques suggested by the title, corresponding though on a visual level to the overall discourse. The sculptor Mircea Roman is this time present with drawings – recent, as well as from early 90s – exhibited for the first time, and Adrian Ilfoveanu with pages from his book of sketches, inhabited by fabulous characters, present also in his sculptures.