A new solo show for Ștefan Câlția, which simoultaneously takes place at both AnnArt gallery starting on December 4th and Galeria Posibilă on December 11th, brings together a new body of works produced in 2018.

The natural space becomes a character in the narratives presented by Stefan Câlţia, it urges us to look at them. Personified flowers, trees, animals are mediators of collective thinking, of social, cultural, biological knowledge, of man’s communicationwith nature. Here, a girl is wearing sânziene flowers, another is floating over a bull, an acrobat walking on a thin wire, there is a ribbon seller, a bird, another girl sits in a boat loaded with summer herbs, Papageno travels through the woods, and the oaks speak by the absence of a traveler and a balloon is launched above the the cypress tress. The journey of the characters begins in the workshop and continues within the painting and the way we each see it. For beyond their story and each character, our own story is taking shape within their presence. The characters in Stefan Căltia's painting travel in the natural space and in the theatrical space. This double narrative proposes reflections on the given space and fabrication, on the layers of sight - before and beyond the curtain, before and beyond the canvas, before and beyond the forest.

(Alexandra Manole)

The show is open between December 4th – December 29th 2018.  Entry is free, open from Monday to Friday 11 AM – 7 PM and Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM

The body of works is available for purchase via AnnArt gallery. For details and counseling please contact: office@annartgallery.ro