The fourth solo show hosted at AnnArt of the artist brings together 14 oil on canvas works, and offers a long awaited rendezvous with the beloved Câlţia characters.

“The characters that levitate or the upside-down world are mediator elements of a fantastic world, were floating should rather be understood as a representational artifice through which the artist otherly places his protagonists in landscape. Disengaged from this primary place, the seemingly floating characters are given another plane inside the window opened by Ştefan Câlţia: a second place, symbolic, as a thin film that carries the character and lets him afloat –as if overimposed on the landscape.” (from Ştefan Câlţia: Places, Curtea Veche publishing, 2014)

The show can be visied 23 November 2016 - 10 January 2017, and is opened Wednesday at 7pm.