“Actually, I realize that I started today's exhibition ten years ago, led by a simple curatorial concept: to investigate how a 'very recent’ piece of history is articulated in time, to see how a young Romanian art graduate evolves within the art world in his first ten years after graduation. To investigate how time and distance shapes the artistic practice according to a certain imaginary standard for art quality. I did not intend to establish a stylistic coherence for the TAA2021 exhibition, on the contrary, I relied on the eclecticism obtained through the self-selection of works: each artist chose only one work to represent their practice. And so, I was emotionally taken aback by exemplary works through the subtle force of expression and through their deep analysis of contemporary existence. Both individually, as well as from within polyphonic 'body' that they inevitably compose, the works represent a proper diagnosis for the condition of the artist in perpetual formation, in acutely different life contexts, and I want to believe that they also represent a point of reflection for academics and art collectors, on the chance and risks that accompany the young generation in their strange and unpredictable path towards and within the art market."  (Gabriela Massaci, curator)

The twelve artists are exhibiting works in traditional techniques as technological experimentation – painting, drawing, graphics, sculpture, photography, video, installation, VR holography and mixed media – mostly for the first time, some pieces made especially for this event. In a reflective or discreet-combative tone, in a figurative or abstract-conceptual rendering, the themes explored by the young artists are also diverse: playing as mechanism of freedom, face and body identity, the passage of time, religion as a personal choice, existential fragility, the emotion of species extension, the multiple reality of light.