The TAA exhibition project is destined to sustain the generation of Romanian emerging artists, and was born after AnnArt Gallery met EBienale - parallel event to George Enescu International Festival.

Starting with the exhibition fund which is impressive through diversity and innovation, presented by art curator Irina Schileru in Encrypted Message/ Mesaj codat exhibition that took place in  the foyer of Sala Palatului, we decided to offer as a part of The White Wall program, a workshop-exhibition to a number of 12 young artists that have especially caught our attention, and whom we entitled TAA_2011, reuniting them in a group that we wish to have a bright future: Matei Avramescu, Ștefan Bandalac, Alice Bîrcă, Mihai Bonciu, Ana-Maria Huluban, Malvina Ișfan, Andrei Mateescu, Ioana Nicoară, Dimitris Palade, Ioana Pioaru, Corina Raiciu, Constantin Rusu. 

The artworks are paintings, graphics, video and installation and were selected by AnnArt Gallery with support from art critic Aurelia Mocanu, graphic artist and professor Aurel Bulacu and the curator for EBienale- visual artist Ilina Schileru. 

“We offer to each young artist a day of fame and risk in front of the white wall. They will be exhibiting their selected work in our gallery, for one day, with or without some of other artworks of theirs which represent them; they will tell us about how they work and how they relate with this idea of entering ‘the art market’.”

(Gabriela Massaci, AnnArt Director)

The event will extend from 28 September to 8 October 2011. The 12 artworks exhibited solitarily for a day, will be reunited in the end, in the integral EBienale at The White Wall, which will be opening on 5 October, at 19 hrs, occasion on which AnnArt Foundation will award for the first time its annual prize. The entire fund of works is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. We are at your disposal for details and counselling: