The White Wall is a permanent program dedicated to the fields of exploring, reflecting and experimenting, primarily addressing very young artists to which we offer their very first platform for exhibiting.

The events are diverse – exhibitions, workshops, open calls – in a format we wish to reinvent every time we get the chance, inspired by the symbolic beginning as suggested by “the white wall”. The project aims to map the perpetually dynamic relationship between art, artists and the public.

The archive of the project which first launched in 2011 includes the TAA Ebienale series, the annual shows Hands of Arts, artZoom solo shows for Constantin Rusu, Matei Avramescu or the Metha-Lan project.

In the new AnnArt Gallery, The White Wall is a permanent space, a white alveole – in which we periodically showcase works by one of the young artists we are promoting. Presently, Andrei Mateescu with the series Re-Place (2014).