The exhibition brings together three young artists Andreea  Albani, Andrei Mateescu and Constantin Rusu, who are already making their presence felt in the contemporary art-world. Colleagues of  the same generation, graduates of the National University of Arts in Bucharest, all three have at least one notable scoring – which inspired us to give them extra attention and support.

The 12 present works, consisting of painting and photography, make up an eclectic showcase, and in the same time subtly-unitary, through the common theme of their existential searching, in diverse minimalistic styles, and with intense resonance of emotion. Having dimensions that vary from ample (300 x 150 cm) to  intimist-delicate (40 x 40 cm), the works are disposed in diptychs, triptychs or multiple sequences: they are made in diverse techniques, , with textures, carvings, depths and layering which the viewer discovers with irresistible pleasure.

The paintings reunite, technically speaking, some of my work directions; at the same time they are united by the introspective preoccupation towards the human soul, that finds its self between the two poles  represented by good and evil, darkness and light.

(Constantin Rusu)

“One will not find here a story, but rather a constant series of events which do not seek a phenomenologically defined culture; it is more like an ephemeral scientific poem, loaded with memory, where the line exists as a psychological event.

(Andreea Albani)

These are my observations on how around me, around all of us, the real-estate logics are building these monuments of irony. These residential complexes appear to be inherently paradoxical to the Romanian urban landscape. One cannot shake the feeling that we are being promised paradises, and in fact, we are being offered ghost-islands.

(Andrei Mateescu)

The exhibition at AnnArt is opened until 25 august 2015 and can be visited from Mondays to Fridays, between 11 and 19. Free admission.

The entire fund of works is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. We are at your disposal for details and counselling: