With this new opening, we are going through a necessary stage in the display of Florica Prevenda’s latest exhibition. After the success of its spring edition that took place at the Museum of Art in Constanta and the one displayed this summer, at the “Banatul Montan” Museum, in Resita, as well as the many requests of the public for the works to be exhibited in Bucharest, we decided to accept the generous proposal of Annart, a gallery with which the artist has an excellent professional relationship. By the way, Florica Prevenda has been in Annart’s portfolio for almost a decade.

Thus, we are inviting all art lovers to Annart’s headquarters in Str. Andrei Mureșanu no. 1, to take part in an extraordinary (completely out of the ordinary) sensory experience, through which Prevenda shares her experiences, related to a time and a place that seem forgotten by the world: her childhood spent in a village in the heart of the vast Bărăgan plain. There will also be exhibited works that were not displayed in the museum exhibitions although they focused on the same theme.

Prevenda’s time is one of creation and seclusion. The beginning is hard to entice. Observation and reflection periods follow each other rhythmically, and plastic solutions settle after multiple searches. The journey is always more important than the destination. The tension between the abstract and the figurative generates unusual materiality. The evolution of the means of expression marks the evolution of one's own artistic self, always in crisis, questioned through to its end. As in the other cycles of her creation (Net people, Shadows of the present, Time found, Serenity or Facebook Obsession) the artworks systematically evade the temptation of the decorative. The expressive sign, the renunciation of ostentatious gestures, the condensed pictoriality and the organicity of the forms are all attributes that make the works that bear her signature, recognizable entities, in any context. Her artistic approach has structural elements such as: an elaborated syntax which is supported by a rich affective logic, a synthesized perspective, and an enviable vitality.

Severe, primarily with herself, austere and rigorous, the artist hunts for ideas, lurking in their universe while assuming the sobriety of an existence dedicated to her profession exclusively. Florica Prevenda is an artist born in Dor Mărunt. An important exponent of her generation, the artist has exhibited over time in galleries in New York, London, Brussels, Milan, Thessaloniki, Krakow, Rotterdam, Bonn,Tirana, but also nationally at the “Brukenthal” National Museum in Sibiu, at the National Museum of Art of Romania in Bucharest, at the “Timisoara Art Museum”, the “Chisinau Art Museum”, as well as in private galleries, in the country and abroad.

The artist was awarded the Cultural Order in the rank of Knight, in 2005.

 Mădălina Mirea is the curator of the exhibition and its project coordinator.