The exhibition reunites the most recent series of sculptures – 11 sculptures in bronze  and one in wood – side by side with linocuts and drawings, worked on by Virgil Scripcariu in 2014, and showcased for the first time ever at AnnArt. It is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue realised by the AnnArt Foundation, as part of a cultural project financed by the Ministry of Culture, with texts signed by Ruxandra Demetrescu, Gabriela Massaci, Aurelia Mocanu and Diana Ursan.

The opening event takes place on the  19th of November 2014, and the exhibition ca be visited until January 16th 2015. The closing  event takes place on Friday, January 16th, 6 pm, as a special edition of Cafeneaua Critica  (host, Ion Bogdan Lefter), at AnnArt Gallery.

The entire fund of artworks is available for sale through AnnArt Gallery. We are at your disposal for details and counselling: