The story   In the winter of 2016, Vladimir Şetran found a large pile of music scores in the dustbin at the back of his studio in Emil Pangratti street.   Puzzled and excited, the famed 80-year-old painter took the scores to one of his friends at the Philarmonic – for a ‘check-up’.  Author unknown  - but definitely pieces of composition for orchestra, written probably sometime in the last decade. These doomed, mysterious music sheets stirred Şetran into action:  the result was an extraordinary series of works in colored ink, acryl, print  and collage of cardboard and rice paper, ranging from the exceptional,  large-scale Sound  piece to the bewildering sequence of numbered ‘Sound Portraits’. Basically, he painted the music back into life.   Some of the works made their way into a couple of private art collections in Bucharest and London, some were shown in Sibiu’s History Museum in early 2017, and others still – over 30 pieces -   are currently on show at the National Music University in Bucharest – as a preamble to their donation by Şetran to the Conservator.  

Vladimir Setran: Partituri / Music Scores, painting and mixed media exhibition is organized by AnnArt in partnership with the National Music University in Bucharest (Conservator) and opens at the UNMB (131,Știrbei Voda street 131, at the  Mediateca gallery) ) on Tuesday 4 April, in the presence of the artist. Horia Vacarescu will offer a violin concert on the occasion. 

The exhibition will be open to the public, by appointment, from 4 April to 4 octombrie 2017.

The launch event is part of the Chei Festival of the prestigious music academic institution.

During the George Enescu Festival, 1 – 24 September 2017, we will organise guided tours of the exhibition. Details at